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Rick Perry: "I Love Niggers"

Struggling to quell assertions he is racist after it was revealed that the name of a hunting lodge his family has leased contains a racial epithet, Presidential candidate Rick Perry declared that he loves niggers at a press conference this morning.

"Those who know me and are familiar with my record know that I don't have a racist bone in my body. The truth is I love niggers!" Perry proclaimed.

Longtime friend and aide to Perry Cody Dobbs attested to the Governor's claim of affection for the colored man.

"I aint never seen Rick so much as say a bad word or electrify a nigger who didn't have it comin'," Dobbs said.

Despite the decade or more it took Perry to paint over the boulder bearing the moniker "Niggerhead" at his ranch, he insists that he harbors no prejudicial inclinations towards "those people".

"I hate racism almost as much as I hate cancer," he noted.

Perry later went on to state that he also has nothing against Mexicans, Jews or Chinamen.

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