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Melania Trump Publishes Masterful "Peace and War"

"Peace and War", a new book penned by Melania Trump, has taken the literary world by storm as readers and critics alike hail the work a modern masterpiece.

Released Tuesday, the 1,052 page tome charts the history of the French invasion of Russia and the impact of the Napoleanic era on the nation's Tsarist society during the early 19th century.

"It's a nice book," Melania remarked. "I like to write."

Melania's narrative style, simultaneously omniscient and compellingly insightful into the emotions and psychology of its diverse myriad of characters – from Pete Bezukhov, the illegitimate son of a wealthy fashion designer, to the disillusioned Prince Alfonso Blutarsky and the impetuous young Melania Rostov - draws an immediately timeless portrayal of people and places that transcend their specificity.

"Oh, thank you," Melania responded to her praise. "It's really long."

Asked if her depiction of wealthy Prince Blutarsky - whose awakening from nihilistic dispassion heralded his becoming a benefactor to the serfs - paralleled her husband’s campaign for the presidency, Melania replied, "I don't know."

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