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Dustin Diamond, aka "Screech Powers" Witnessed Shouting Racial Slurs on Compton, California Street - Nobody Cares

Dustin Diamond was seen shouting remarks derogatory to African Americans and making crude, racist demonstrations to the prevailing apathy of passerby on a street corner in the predominately black city of Compton, California yesterday.

Diamond, best known for his role as Screech Powers on the hit 90s television series "Saved By The Bell", appeared at the southwest corner of Alondra and Long Beach Blvd. shortly after noon Wednesday and began shouting at African American pedestrians, making heavy use of such epithets as 'spear chucker', 'tar baby' and 'spook', reported several indifferent witnesses.

"Screech who? Never seen him before. I thought it was just some homeless guy gone out of his mind," commented a local man who experienced part of Diamond's prolonged tantrum as he returned to work from lunch, "If I'd known he was another one of these racist cracker has-beens I would've put my foot up his ass."

According to several others on the scene who couldn't have cared less, after failing to provoke any response to the idiotic spectacle he was making of himself, Diamond left temporary only to return an hour later wearing a sandwich board that read "I Hate Niggers", but to no avail.

"Whether they're racist crazy or just plain crazy I got no time for crackheads," recounted an African American woman who encountered the disturbed former tv geek turned real life loser yesterday, "Dude asks me if I like fried chicken, and I say yes because who the hell doesn't, and he starts hopping around like a monkey throwing bananas. That's just stupid. I told him to start making some damn sense or get the hell out of my way."

Aside from proving he can't even get himself killed in Los Angeles any longer, Diamond's latest pathetic cry for attention comes on the heels of his going on Howard Stern's radio show to announce a futile campaign to save his house from foreclosure by selling $300,000 worth of t-shirts and his participation in a hard-core sex video that sold less than seventeen copies. Unlike the co-stars of tarnished icon Michael Richards however, Diamond's former on-screen friends appear to have little interest in reaching out.

Remarked Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who has actually sustained a respectable career since his role as Zach on "Saved By The Bell" ended in 1993, "I don't mind saying in the least that it doesn't matter to me whether Dustin lives or dies. Whether people liked him less on the show than real life I can't be sure, but what I do know is that he could probably dig up JonBenet Ramsey and rape her bones and it wouldn't make a dent on our DVD sales. The plain truth is people watched that show for Zach, A.C., Kelly, Jesse and our token colored friend there, what's-her-face."

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