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Conservative 2B Eric Sogard Claims All-Star Voting Fraud, Demands Spot on Team

One day after receiving the bad news that he won't be participating in this year's All Star game, Chicago Cubs second baseman Eric Sogard is calling foul on the process he claims fraudulently deprived him of his rightful position on the team.

Sogard, whose 1 home run and 11 RBI rank him near the bottom of the league for any batter with more than 150 plate appearances this season, compared his own alleged snubbing with that of former President Donald Trump's loss at the polls last year.

"Just as I predicted before the season even started, the All-Star vote was rigged. It's just like Trump. People hate me because I'm the best. It's terrible," Sogard tweeted this morning.

"There's no way any one beats me fairly, because I'm the best," Sogard continued. "I've had 52 Put Outs and 88 Assists this year so far. So far."

Despite his offensive numbers lagging far behind those of this year's National League All Star second basemen Adam Frazier, Ozzie Albies and Jake Cronenworth, Sogard still claims his are better.

"Quality is more important than quantity. I've only had one home run, but it was magnificent. Probably the best of all time. It was so high, so far. It was beautiful. Also, the pitchers always cheat against me, so there's also that," he said.

Sogard, who announced that he plans to file a lawsuit against Major League Baseball in the coming days, has called upon his fans to boycott the All Star game unless he is named to the starting lineup.

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