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Dozens Volunteer to Fight Homeless

Determined to make a positive impact on their city, dozens of volunteers spread out across Charlotte, North Carolina to fight the homeless this weekend.
Organized by Holy Spirit Ministries of Charlotte, team leader Garret Olsen advocates a more hands on approach to combatting chronic poverty.

"Other groups collect canned food and try to toss a bunch of blankets over the problem, but we're more interested in fighting homelessness where it lives - on the streets," Olsen said.
On Saturday night alone, Olsen estimates his volunteers served up over 100 beatings to homeless in downtown Charlotte.
 "We're really trying to look beyond shelters as short-term solutions and trying to provide these people the beatings they need to motivate them to get houses," said Olsen.

By working alone and undermining the efforts of other organizations that coddle and enable the homeless, the Holy Spirit volunteers hope they can make dereliction a thing of the past.

"Give a man a bowl of soup and he'll eat for a day. Break some of his ribs with a shovel and maybe he'll get a damn job," Olsen said.

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