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Latest Viral Sex Tape Features Your Mom

The latest sex tape to go viral features your mom, internet users report.

Titled "Old Lady Takes it like a Champ", the video, which has received over 18 million hits since being uploaded Saturday, unmistakably features your mom and a pot-bellied Middle Eastern gentleman.

The man, notably not your dad, starts out sloppily tongue kissing your mom while she unbuttons his pants. Your mother then licks the man's penis and testicles and can be heard saying, "I love balls."

After performing oral sex on the man for approximately five minutes, during which time he can be seen texting someone and receiving a phone call, the man turns your mother around, gets down on his knees and inserts his penis in her vagina.

For the next eight minutes and twenty-five seconds, the man is pictured having intercourse with your mom from behind, at one point whipping an invisible hat around his head like a cowboy while your mother grunts like a hog.

And finally, in case you were wondering, your mom swallows.

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