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The Universe to Earth: "Fuck You"

NASA and space agencies around the globe were abuzz last night when an alien transmission was received from outer space.

The message read simply: "Fuck You".

NASA spokesman Michael Flannery reported that the message was repeated in twelve different Earth languages and was sent on behalf of the entire universe.

"We believe the extraterrestrial transmission we received last night was in response to a series of broadcasts sent from Earth over the past few decades comprised of multi-lingual greetings, representations of our scientific and technological knowledge, notable speeches, and music," Flannery said.

"And it would appear the aliens learned every language contained in our message so they could insult everybody on Earth."

According to Flannery, a second message from the aliens said that The Beatles suck and that Martin Luther King Jr. is a 'fag'.

"The extraterrestrials made it very clear that they had received all of our messages and strongly requested that we not send any more. They said that we are dumb and told us to leave them alone," he reported.

Flannery concluded by saying that he was confident he spoke for all earthlings when he said he thought the aliens were jerks.

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