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Trump Threatens to Withhold US Funds from US if Not Exonerated

President Trump continued to push back on the impeachment proceedings against him today, suggesting that he would reject any budget resolutions Congress should pass in the coming weeks unless any and all charges against him are dropped.

Calling the previous weeks' public hearings to determine whether he used his office for personal gain by withholding security funding to Ukraine in exchange for political favors "a joke", Trump said that he would likely hold up the funding of the federal government of the United States if he isn't exonerated.

Tweeted Trump: "As I've said a hundred times, I want nothing. I want nothing except for these phony charges against me to be dropped so that I can get back to running the country - which I'm doing a perfect job of btw. Or else."

Trump, whose signature is needed to approve any budget package that should cross his desk barring a Congressional override, later alluded to the consequences his veto could affect.

"There are a lot of really great programs - programs that help children learn to read and elderly people to pay their heating bills - that could be hurt very, very badly if I don't approve a budget," he warned.

Added Trump: "It would be a real shame if it got cold in wintertime while this circus goes on."

The President, who has already approved two federal budget resolutions that made deep cuts to child literacy programs and heating subsidies for the elderly, is expected to be charged with at least four articles of impeachment later this year.

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