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Trump Escalates Feud with Former Aide Frederick Douglass

President Trump took his ongoing feud with former White House staffer Frederick Douglass to another new level this morning, calling him 'lazy' and 'a cacaface' on Twitter.

"Who is this guy anyway?" the President's first tweet of eight so far today about the 19th century abolitionist and statesman began at 4:56 a.m. EST. "What did he even do on my staff?! Who knows?!! Talk about an ungrateful cacaface!!!"

Douglass, who was fired in absentia from his role in the White House by Chief of Staff John Kelly last week after dying in 1895, has in recent days called Trump 'Mussolini's more racist grandson' and 'Beaker's fat uncle' on his own Twitter feed.

"At least I don't have a circus peanut dick," Douglass tweeted in response to Trump's first salvo this morning. "#Circus peanut dick."

Trump, who was also called 'an oompa loompa turd' this morning by Douglass, shot back in all caps.

"FREDERICK DOUGLASS IS A SHIFTLESS BABOON WHO COULDN'T DO HIS JOB, WHICH IS WHY HE WAS FIRED!!!" he retaliated, contradicting a previous assessment of Douglass having done 'an amazing job'.

"And I don't use the term 'baboon' in a racist fashion since I am the least racist person on the planet, but because he is a lazy, low intelligence person," Trump later amended.

"Whatever," Douglass replied.

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