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President Trump Talk Like Real People Talk
By: MAGAman2020

Recently Sleepy Joe Biden says about President Trump: *In public and in private, President Trump has asked foreign governments to interfere in our elections on his behalf. It is an abuse of power. We cannot let him get away with it.*

Ooh, Mr. Fancy Talk. Look at me! I run for president using words that go right together like I'm writing college entrance thing.


Well guess what Sleepy Joe? this isn't 2012 anymore! The people have all spoken and want the president who speaks there language and not like he's waisting half his life worrying about how to make perfect sentences like he's better than every one.

Trump said back to Dumocrats: *All the Do Nothing Democrats are focused on is Impeaching the President for having a very good conversation with the Ukranian President. I knew that many people were listening, even have a transcript. They have been at this "stuff" from the day I got elected. Bad for Country!*

Well put Mr. President. I couldn"t have say it better myself. Unless of course you say it without even using words! Its the future! My daughter I dont think has used words for years. For example, when she texted last week dog emoji - worried face emoji - eggplant emoji - red cross emoji - I knew our dog Baxter was at the vet, likely after choking on a vegetable of some kind. (Turned out he had got his penis tangled in some chickenwire, but close enough).

Yes, emojis and maybe just face expressions. So much can be understood from a look of the eye for instant! You want us to take all the english Teachers and throw them off a cliff? Just blink twice!

Trump 2020! Hopefully sleepy Joe looses!

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