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Cabinet's Standing Ovation for Trump Enters Second Day

A standing ovation for President Trump that commenced at the close of a cabinet meeting yesterday has entered it's second day.

Starting as a hearty round of applause, the clapping soon intensified as each cabinet member rose to his or her feet to cheer their Commander in Chief, and has yet to abate after 27 hours.

"Hoorah! Hoorah for President Trump!" Vice President Mike Pence reportedly shouts anytime the wild applause flags the least bit, for example briefly after Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue collapsed from exhaustion around 4 o'clock this morning.

Perdue, whose firing was announced via Twitter by the President shortly after, is currently recovering in a nearby hospital.

"He (Perdue) shot from the gate really strong, probably applauding harder than anyone else for the first thirty minutes, but then gradually began to fade," Matt Vargas of The Washington Post reported. "Meanwhile, it's hard to predict when the ovation will end as Trump has shown little sign of tiring from casually smiling around the room and periodically lifting his hand in recognition of the praise."

CNN's Courtney Wheeler, also inside the Cabinet Room, corroborated Vargas's account.

"The President just keeps smiling and waving, and occasionally tweeting," she tweeted. "It looks like Shulkin (David, Secretary of Veteran Affairs) is getting woozy. Keeps wiping his forehead."

As of press time, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross had begun a 36th round of 'For He's A Jolly Good Fellow'.

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