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Cowardly Teacher Abondoned Children to Tornado

Many heroes have emerged in the wake of the disaster that struck Moore, Oklahoma last week. Teachers who shielded students with their bodies, good semaritans who rushed towards the wreckage to help rescue survivors.

Bryce Mazer was none of those.

Moments before the EF5-scale tornado struck Plaza Towers Elementary where Mazer taught third grade, the 28 year-old educator turned tail and ran.

Recounted 8-year old Kristie Miller, a student in Mazer's class: "He looked out the window, screamed some bad words and ran out of the room."

Fortunately, none of the children Mazer left in the rearview mirror of his Toyota pickup died that afternoon.

Asked why he fled, Mazer explained, "Are you kidding? There was a huge-ass tornado coming."

That night, while much of the town of Moore and hundreds more citizens from surrounding areas pitched in to help search and rescue efforts, Mazer confessed that he went to the movies in Oklahoma City.

"So? The new Star Trek was out. What am I, a basset hound?" he said.

Mazer added: "Besides, that debris is dangerous. There's a lot of sharp things."

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