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Thug Family Driving Down Neighborhood Property Values

Tom Cressler will never forget the day the thugs moved in next door.

"I was mowing the lawn on a Sunday afternoon when they pulled up in their moving van," Cressler recalled, "And I said to myself, 'Well, there goes the neighborhood'."

Cressler immediately put his own house on the market, eventually settling for 20% less than what it had appraised for just 6 months before.

"I took what I could and was happy to get it," he explained, "Those property values are only headed further south with those thugs in the neighborhood."

Asked how he was able to immediately recognize the new family next door as thugs, Cressler laughed.

"You can pretty much tell just by looking at them," he said.

Identified as 37 year-old Quality Systems Manager Marcus Jones, his wife Susan and daughters Sharon, 8, and Abigail, 3, the family of thugs has triggered an exodus from the area as nervous neighbors take flight.

According to the Jones's other next door neighbor, Marcus Jones drives by her house every day.

"Like he's casing the place," the woman said, "I tried calling the police, but they say there's nothing they can do. Until he breaks in or shoots up the place, I suppose. It's really scary."

Real estate appraiser Nancy Greenwood confirms that, these days, homeowners have little recourse in such situations.

Said Greenwood: "Really, the only thing you can try is to talk to them and politely ask them to move."

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