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Poll: Romney Leading Obama By 4% Amongst Wives

Mitt Romney leads President Obama by 4 percentage points amongst women he is currently married to, a new USA Today/Gallup Poll finds.

The poll, which randomly surveyed a cross-section of the Republican Presidential candidate's wives across the nation, also showed Romney gathering crucial support from spouses living in swing states, where most reside.

"A flurry of emails, phone banking and an afternoon of door to door campaigning in Ohio this week has helped Mitt get his various houses back in order," remarked Romney strategist Ashley Hayes.

Although polls continue to show stubborn pockets of strong spousal disapproval of Romney amongst Southern blacks and Hispanics, Obama has been forced to commit more resources towards recovering the favor of women who are married to Romney and live in one of the few states where their vote is meaningful.

One new Obama ad currently running in Wisconsin poses: "In sickness and in health, Mitt Romney said he'd be there for you. But when was the last time Mitt Romney cooked your dinner? And who's going to fix that damn roof? Come to think of it, when was the last time you've even seen that guy?"

Remarked one of Romney's wives, who chose to remain anonymous, "Mitt's a little like the Olympics. Comes around about every four years and you wonder why you give a fuck."

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