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Pro-Life Scientists Pinpoint Age When Human Life Loses All Value

Scientists from Liberty University have identified the precise age at which children rescued from abortion lose their value as human beings.

The team of pro-life researchers, working under a grant from the Christian Science Institute, was able to pinpoint within a range of 1 month that babies born to mothers who would have otherwise terminated their pregnancies become incapable of eliciting measurable levels of human interest or empathy at 12.4 years of age.

"Many people identify the second they are born as the point when these children's lives cease to matter, but we have been able detect trace levels of significance in these children - specifically in the form of their ability to evoke trace amounts of resentment and scorn through their 149th month of life," remarked the study's Principal Investigator Paul Besler.

The study produced a detailed report illustrating the degeneration in value of un-aborted children from the age of 0 to 12.4.

"When the child is born he or she immediately ceases to be an abstraction, begins to scream and incur large bills. It is generally ugly and resembles the father who is typically not present – being either in hiding or prison for rape," Besler detailed.

"Later, what residual significance the child's life possesses dissipates entirely when it reaches puberty and kills someone - at which time it can safely be put to death," Besler said.

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