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Polar Bear Fatally Shot by Cruise Ship Officers Armed, Officers Say

The following is an update of a previously published story:

Officers of Norwegian Cruise Line Hapag-Lloyd released new information today on the fatal shooting of a polar bear on Svalbard Archipelago last week, revealing that the 600-pound all-white bear was in fact armed at the time of his death.

"We deeply regret that permanent action was necessary in this case, but the white bear was threatening cruise ship personnel with a gun," Hapag-Lloyd CEO Orjan Nordtveit stated.

The polar bear, which company executives repeatedly pointed out was recognizable by its perfectly white fur, had previously been spotted stealing fish from a nearby hatchery.

"We were acquainted with this particular bear. He is as you might describe, 'A real bad hombre'," Nordtveit remarked.

"Not to suggest we thought he was a Hispanic bear, however. Or any other color of bear than white. Pure white," Nordveit amended. "He was a completely white bear with a gun, and we had to defend ourselves."

Hapag-Lloyd went on to reiterate that the shooting was an isolated incident and that they take all possible measures to avoid bears when landing on Arctic islands.

"We hope that tourists concerned with the preservation of this majestic species continue to consider an Hapag-Lloyd tour. Also those who would be interested in seeing one on occasion having to be shot to death," the company noted in a statement.

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