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Fence Post Challenges Sarah Palin to Debate

A Wisconsin fence post has challenged former Alaska governor and potential presidential candidate Sarah Palin to a debate in a letter that is making the rounds on political blogs.

Palin, who is currently on a tour of sites significant for their symbolism of America's history and diversity in states such as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, is a published author and regularly provides political commentary and analysis for Fox News.

The fence post's letter reads as follows: " ,".

"It's pretty sharp, as far as fence posts go," remarked dairy farmer Aurthur Hogan, who owns the fence the post helps to keep from falling over.

Supporters of the post point out that it has never referred to Africa as a country, or North Korea as an American ally.

"I'd put my money on the fence post," one man said.

Most recently, Hogan has revealed that the fence post has begun receiving death threats.

"A lot of them call my post a whore. We've gotten threats of violence, including death and rape," he said, "It's pretty scary stuff."

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