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Montana Woman Offers to Have Sex with Bill O'Reilly

BAKER, MT - In what many are calling a deeply moving and selfless act, an eastern Montana woman stepped forward today to say that she would have sex with Bill O'Reilly.

Initially published on her Facebook page, the overture that has since made 46 year-old Catherine Shuster a media sensation is no joke, the divorced retail associate insists.

"I just want it to stop," she said, alluding to the recent reports detailing the talk show host's sexual harassment of many of his female colleagues. "Take me instead."

Shuster again reconfirmed her willingness to sleep with O'Reilly even after being shown a recent photo of the political commentator without makeup.

"I'll do it," she said, swallowing heavily. "I don't care. I'll let him..."

Staring vacantly into the distance, Shuster went on to reveal her intention to kill herself afterward.

"I have nothing. This is the end," she said. "This is my gift."

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