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I Like Rape
By: God

Like everything else, it hasn’t escaped my attention that there's a lot of hullabaloo going around about whether I intend for women to have babies conceived by rape, and of course I do. Who do you think had them raped in the first place? I like rape.

Unlike hurricanes or earthquakes or swarms of locusts, rape is a many splendored thing. Contrary to what President Obama might say, rape is not rape. You have your old fashioned back alley rape, your second date surprise, your late-night parking garage special, and of course the old daddy-on-daughter he got hooked on heroin so he could use her as a living, breathing fuck doll. All good stuff, and all invented by yours' truly!

Oh, to see the look in their eyes when Mr. Right suddenly leaps over the parking brake. And for the next 9 months as their belly swells with his rape-spawn. Classic. Should have had me have them think of that before wearing those tight pants I had someone invent and made them buy.

Sometimes I also enjoy a little man-on-man or man-boy rape. Like in prison or in the locker room during football practice. Not as much as straight rape, but just to mix it up some. It's fun.

Now, you might be thinking, "But God, if you intend for women who get knocked up from rapists to carry their babies to term, why still all the rape baby abortions?" Well, the truth is, I also sometimes like abortion. Whether its with a hose, rusty coat hanger or a good swift punch to the gut, that's a good time everytime.


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