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Yes, I Could Stop the Execution of this Likely Innocent Man, but Meh
By: Clark County Superior Court Justice Stephen McNally

Yeah, yeah, I am aware of the newly discovered facts that cast a heavy shadow of a doubt on whether or not what's-his-name who's going to be executed next week actually killed that lady. Sure, it looks like he probably didn't do it, and yes, I have the power to prevent the meting out of an irrevocable punishment, but meh.

The way I look at it, even if who's-his-face didn't rape that woman and cut her head off, he probably did something else pretty bad over the course of his life that he got away with, scot free. Like having sex with another man's wife. Or shoplifting.

The family of the victim also seem to have their heart set on seeing this guy be put to death, so there's that. They've been through a lot, what with their beloved wife/daughter/mother being raped and decapitated and all, and it wouldn't seem right to put them through any more distress.

That's not to mention the fact that hundreds of people have been executed for crimes they didn't commit over the years in this country, so it's not like this gentleman would be the first. And who knows? The place he goes after this could be real nice. We could be doing the guy a huge favor.

And not for nothing, but granting a stay of execution alone would make for so much hassle and extra paperwork that, no bullshit, I'd rather take the lethal injection myself.

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