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NRA Study: 99.8% of US Children Not Killed in School Mass Shootings in 2018

A study published by the National Rifle Association today reports that less than half of one percent of America's pre-college-aged children were killed in a mass school shooting during the year 2018.

According to the study's findings, 99.8% of kids between the ages of 3 and 17 either survived the 2017-2018 school year or died of causes other than a school shooting in which 4 or more students perished.

"The fact is, less than 1% of America's more than 100,000 public and private schools experienced a multiple homicide firearm incident this year, and of those that did, 90% sustained less than a 5% mortality impact rate of their total enrollment - on average," NRA spokesman Dan Crawley remarked.

"It's unfortunate that some of our children feel unsafe, but at only 0.2%, that feeling seems to be unfounded. If anything, it's an indictment of our public school's failing math curriculum," Crawley added.

Crawley went on to suggest that the coverage given mass shooting events by the media comes at the cost of neglecting other much more serious risks to our children.

"Every year nearly 50,000 kids are killed by lightning or cancer in this country," he noted. "Maybe we should be focusing more on those things."

Meanwhile, some have taken issue with the report, calling it's metrics "skewed".

"Why is the age range 3-17? How many 3 year-olds go to school?" one woman questioned. "And what about the shootings where less than four people died? Not to mention that 2018 isn't even over."

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