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Missing Boy Returns 8 Years Later as Black Woman

A black woman claiming to have escaped kidnappers in Chicago has been identified as Brady Baker, a boy who went missing from his Wisconsin home 8 years ago.

"I'm Bradley," the woman reportedly told a police officer outside a Taco Bell in the South Side neighborhood of Bridgeport yesterday.

Despite being missing since 2011, Baker's family never gave up hope that he was still out there, a faith that was affirmed by his re-emergence Thursday.

"It's him, I just know it is," Brady's mother Cindy Jacobs said of the full grown, dark-skinned woman. "I can see he's been through a lot, but that's my boy."

"It does look like he's eaten well," Jacobs added then cheerfully.

Baker, who attributes his much changed appearance to a glandular condition he developed during puberty, says she's looking forward to getting back to whatever his life was like before.

"I can do Little League, play with Legos, whatever," he said. "I can also ride a bike, but if I used to know how to swim, I forgot."

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