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Migrant Families Reunited with Central American Gangs

Federal officials say they have reunited more than 200 migrant families with their Central American gangs back home after they were detained trying to cross the US border under Donald Trump's Zero Tolerance policy for illegal entry into the United States.

Having seen videos of several such reunions, Homeland Security spokeswoman Cheryl Reynoso said the homecomings can be highly emotional.

"There are a lot of tears. And not just from the mother's and girls, but from the fathers and sons," she described. "It's these kind of images that make my job really worthwhile."

Reynoso went on to point out that many gangs throughout Latin America are not the criminal syndicates of violent thugs they are often portrayed to be by the media, but actually constitute the essential social and economical fabric of many communities.

"You can't believe everything you see in the movies," she joked. "For example, the Barrio 18 gang in Guatemala has done a lot of good things in that country. According to one of their representatives, a young gentleman named 'Psycho', their organization offers a lot of career opportunities down there. From sales and distribution jobs to customer service positions for the girls."

"Sure, we've got lots of things these maricones can do," another Barrio 18 member known as "Soplete", or "Blowtorch", remarked, apparently referring to construction work.

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