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Alabama County Challenges "Antiquated" Anti-Lynching Law

The same county that filed a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act is now lobbying for the repeal of the anti-lynching law.

Calling the law "antiquated and insulting", Shelby County, Alabama argues that no reason exists for continuing to formally enforce the ban and has asked the Supreme Court to abrogate the law.

"There is no longer any reason to keep this law on the books," said Alabama State Senator Ross Womack, "America has come a long way in the last century – so far that we've twice elected a nigger president."

Womack went on to guarantee that no harm would come to any African Americans should the law banning lynching be repealed.

"Our black neighbors have nothing to worry about. Racism is a thing of the past in Shelby County – like our property values and stereo equipment," Womack said.

Hobson City Mayor Chester Calhoun offered additional evidence of the obsolescence of lynching laws.

"The Crimson Tide's brought us two national football championships in a row, and over half the team are spooks. Why'd we want to kill them for?" he reasoned.

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