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Andrew Luck Hit By Bus

Less than one week after announcing his retirement from professional football, Andrew Luck was hit by a bus today while crossing the street in New York City.

Occurring just minutes after wrapping a recorded interview with ESPN at the network's Manhattan studios, the former quarterback was severely injured when he stepped out into 5th Avenue traffic without looking.

"My girlfriend and I saw the whole thing as we were coming down 48th Street. I was just about to say, 'Hey, isn't that Andrew Luck?' when he totally just up and walks out into traffic and gets creamed by a bus," one witness described.

Luck, who cited the multitude of injuries he suffered as an NFL quarterback for his early retirement, will face another difficult rehabilitation after the MTS Crosstown 8 shattered his pelvis and broke both of his legs.

"Being familiar with injuries like this, I can say it's going to be a long, painful road back for Andrew," Colts Head Trainer Kyle Muncey remarked. "If I were him I would do my best to stay away from any rapidly moving heavy objects for awhile."

Although no timetable has been given yet for Luck's return to his wife and family, it is expected that he may soon be able to resume book recommending activities for The Andrew Luck Book Club as his collision with the bus spared him any serious injuries to his arms.

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