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Boy Who Lost Arms to Alligator Shoots Self with Feet

PAHOKEE FLORIDA - Three weeks after having both arms ripped off by an alligator, 17 year-old Daniel Dollison used his feet to shoot himself with a rifle.

Dollison, who told reporters covering the aftermath of his encounter with the 10-foot gator that he wished he was dead, was pronounced so at the scene.

"Danny could have taken the easy way out by walking in front of a bus or jumping off a bridge, but he wanted to do it himself. We're so proud of him," Daniel's mother Pamela said.

According to friends and family, Dollison attributed his surprising ability to kick his way to shore after the attack that took his arms to mindless survival instinct, a mistake he immediately set out to rectify upon his release from the hospital.

"Dan could pretty much do anything he put his mind to," Dollison's friend Chad Meir remarked, "He made varsity basketball and could play the guitar when he had arms, and afterward he learned how to blow his head off with his toes."

Equally as impressive, Dollison left a footwritten note requesting the remainder of his body be fed to the alligator that ate his arms.

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