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Governor Blasts Lavish $87 Food Stamp Party

Video of a 13 year-old Evansville girl's extravagant birthday party has drawn the scorn of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels after it was discovered that the blow-out's nearly $90 price tag was covered by food stamps and welfare money.

Daniels, who has pledged to make welfare reform the centerpiece of a balanced-budget platform should he run for President in 2012, called the footage, "A disturbing misappropriation of tax-payer dollars."

Footage of the festivities, which transpired Saturday afternoon at an Evansville-area park, shows revelers helping themselves to pizza, popcorn, and a family size bag of Doritos. Two Mylar helium balloons bearing birthday messages can also be seen on the tape.

Photos culled from a party-goer's Facebook page reveal that the bash also featured a cake in the shape of Harry Potter, which the individual described as "cool".

"There's nothing 'cool' about food stamp fraud," Daniels said, "This nation is currently operating at a $1.3 trillion deficit. There's nothing cool about that."

Though the video tape showed a man performing magic tricks during the course of the party, it was later determined that he was an unpaid relative and not a professional magician.

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