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Tennessee Little League Team Embarrass Selves, Entire Volunteer State

Facing the prospect of falling out of the Little League World Series after losing their first two games by a combined score of 24-3, the boys from Clarksville, Tennessee did just that Tuesday, dropping their match-up with North Platte, Nebraska 13-0 and embarrassing themselves and the entire Volunteer State in the process.

"I should probably say that we're proud to have made it this far, that it was a good ride and all that, but not when you lose this bad," Clarksville coach Hunter Casey remarked. "I mean, good God. We really got our clocks cleaned out there. And on national television."

Starting with the very first pitch, which 12 year-old Aiden Lindermueller threw into the safety net behind home plate, Clarksville once again appeared overmatched against North Platte.

"We were definitely outmatched," Casey confirmed. "Badly. I mean, when your best pitcher hits three batters in a row and your shortstop has a black eye and two missing teeth from taking grounders off his face, you know something's wrong."

"The truth is that we should never have even been out there," Casey, who blamed Little League organizers for his team's public humiliation, argued. "We stink."

Meanwhile, no supporters from Clarksville's side of the bleachers were willing to comment after their team's elimination, claiming that they were all homeless people taking advantage of the cheap food and entertainment.

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