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Angelina Jolie to Remove Ovaries, Pancreas, Skin, Bones

One week after announcing she'd undergone a double mastectomy to reduce her risk of developing breast cancer, Angelina Jolie told reporters she will have her ovaries removed Friday.

The 37 year-old actress also revealed that she will have her appendix and pancreas removed during the same operation by her doctor, Kristi Funk.

Funk, who disclosed earlier in the week that she was just kidding about the 86% chance of Jolie developing breast cancer, said that her family history did point to a strong possibility of ovarian cancer.

"Ms. Jolie's chance of developing ovarian cancer is considerable, and we figure that while we were in the neighborhood we will also take out her appendix and pancreas," Funk said.

Funk noted that although Jolie doesn't have a higher than normal risk for pancreatic cancer, it is a really bad form of cancer.

Meanwhile, People magazine is now reporting that Jolie is planning even more surgery, to remove her lungs, skin and bones.

Funk confirmed the report, stating: "By removing these other cancer-prone organs, Ms. Jolie's brain has a very good chance of surviving in an oxygenated solution of cerebrospinal fluid for another twenty to fifty years."

Brad Pitt applauded Jolie's decision to shed her breasts and most vital organs, calling his partner, "Brave."

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