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Robotic Hand Made with 3-D Printer Allows Man to Masturbate Left Handed

Danny Greer was having a couple of beers and doing some yard work at his home in Pensacola, Florida in April of 2011 when he inserted his hand into a wood chipper, severing two fingers and mangling two others on his left hand.

"It was just one of those things. One in a million, I guess," said Greer.

While still able to write, shoot, drink and drive with his dominant right hand, Greer's mishap robbed him of the ability to masturbate left-handed – his preferred means of self-gratification.

"It just feels better. Like someone else is jacking it for you," he said.

Disappointed with his all-too-familiar right hand, Greer was determined to find a way to replicate the pleasure he derived from masturbating with his left.

"I tried a rubber vagina I bought on the internet, rubbing my dick into the matress, humping the bathroom rug, fucking a can of Spaghettios – but it just wasn't as good," he said.

It was in November of last year that Greer came across a YouTube video from Robert Kemp – a puppeteer who had fashioned a puppet hand made from steel cables and metal digits that mimicked human hand function.

"I saw that and thought, 'I could use that to jerk off'," he recalled.

Combining the video of the puppet hand with that of another video he had recently seen of a man who built a gun from parts made on a 3-D printer, Greer took his idea to SynthBot, a company that makes 3-D printing equipment, and was on his way.

"I hooked up with SynthBot, and three months later I had a new left hand. I covered the palm and fingers in velvet, and before I knew it, I was jerking it leftie," said Greer.

Greer says he is happy not just for himself, but for those the new invention he helped turn into reality will benefit in the future.

"I think of all the kids out there who've lost left hands or fingers to lawn mowers or fireworks and who haven't even started jacking off yet and don't know what they'll be missing, and that makes me really happy," he said.

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