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Israeli Air Strike Destroys Palestinian Tunnel, Slide

Israeli air strikes on Gaza continued today as the Israeli Defense Forces acknowledged successfully targeting a tunnel and slide located within a playground in Gaza City.

IDF Spokesman Captain Eran Benayoun said the tunnel, which was dug the same morning by Palestinian militants and measured an estimated 200 millimeters long, was completely destroyed along with the slide.

"We identified successful hits on both targets," Benayoun said.

Witnesses say the missile that struck the playground also destroyed a nearby swing set and jungle gym, killing 2 Palestinian children – claims which the IDF disputes.

"We do not target civilians or playgrounds," Benayoun stated, "This was a Hamas training facility occupied by militants."

Israel's latest controversial action in Gaza incurred harsh disciplinary action from the U.N., as Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon released a public statement calling the attack 'highly unpleasant'.

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