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Penniless Weinstein Sexually Harasses Homeless Volunteer

Defamed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is reportedly still up to his old tricks.

Shockingly now homeless since his fall from grace last Summer, the once monumental movie mogul allegedly exposed himself to an outreach volunteer when she attempted to give him a sandwich this weekend.

According to the woman, 52 year-old Florence Lowry of Inglewood, California, Weinstein's latest indiscretion occurred shortly after he invited her into his makeshift shelter on Los Angeles's skid row Saturday night.

"I knocked on Mr. Weinstein's tarp around 7 o'clock to ask if he wanted a sandwich and he invited me in," Lowry recounted. "I told him I had either baloney or tuna fish, and as my eyes adjusted to the light, that's when I noticed he was lying on his back on a deflated air mattress wearing nothing but a filthy tank-top."

Lowry went on: "Mr. Weinstein asked if I would like a massage, and I asked if he would like a tangerine. He declined. I also offered him a bottle of water and a package of sanitary products, but he turned those down as well. It was pretty sad. I loved 'The Crossing Guard'."

News of Weinstein's behavior has led to his expulsion by the LAPD from the corner across from the church that gives out bagels and the house owned by the lady who's too old to stop people from using her hose.

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