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Conservatives Unite to Stop Practice of Healthcare

Tensions continue to rise at medical facilities around the country as conservatives angry over the Supreme Court's recent ruling to uphold Obamacare have vowed to block the practice of healthcare.

In St. Louis, punches were thrown between protestors blocking St. Vincent Medical Center's main entrance and a pregnant woman seeking prenatal care, an appointment she was forced to abandon.

"If the Supreme Court isn't going to do their job, we'll do it for them," said one man helping to barricade the hospital, "No justice, no amniocentesis."

Also blocked from receiving medical treatment by the mobs was Tanner Cox of Coral Springs, Florida, who has had a knife stuck in his skull since 2009.

Remarked one anti-healthcare activist: "He's gonna have more than a knife in his head if he comes back here. He's gonna have my foot up his ass."

Added the man: "This is America. You should be free to bet you won't get sick and have someone else pay your medical bills if you do."

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