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Gay Couple Infiltrates Senior Living Community

For unsuspecting residents of senior living community Silver Eagle Estates in Kingman, Arizona, it seemed too crazy to be believed: the quiet, unassuming couple next door had turned out to be gay.

The two men, retired event planners Richard and Dick Thorn from nearby Cedar Bluff, had seemed friendly and fun. Normal. They were even involved in community activities, as neighbor Skip Davis recalls.

"They put together a thing there at the what-do-you-call-it. With the pumpkins," Davis said. "And in the whatcha-macallit, with the singing. I don't know."

Once known affectionately around the neighborhood as "Double Dick", the Thorns' homosexuality came as a terrible shock to their fellow residents.

"You could have knocked me over with a feather," Condo President Margaret Dunlinger remarked. "They had their quirks, but to find out that they'd been married, I would have believed they were from Mars first. They told us they were partners."

Reportedly, some of the Thorns' quirks included holding hands in public and having anal sex with one another, the latter of which having once been observed through a wayward blind.

"They told me they were wrestling," former neighbor Lucy Lambert said.

Meanwhile, though the Thorns have since left Silver Eagle Estates, their two year residence in the community has left people shaken.

"It's very disturbing. Old people can be very impressionable," the daughter of one Silver Eagle resident commented. "We just don't want our kids to come for a visit to discover a third grandpa."

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