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Exposed Breast Amidst Drone Explosion Sparks Viewer Outrage

Talk about a major boo-boo.

CNN was braced by a flurry of complaints today when footage of an explosion from a drone strike on a village in Yemen briefly revealed a young woman's unclad breast.

Though visible for less than a second and obscured by swirling debris caused by the detonation of a bomb near a building thought to be housing a suspected terrorist, a nipple belonging to what appears to be a teenage girl's legs and torso does appear to be evident in the video.

"The presence of previously videotaped footage of a woman's bare breast on a major news organization's website is unacceptable," chastised Susan Reid of the Americans for Public Decency Council, "Families are tired of being blindsided by this kind of garbage by purportedly reputable media outlets."

Reid went on to call the clip, "Disgusting, offensive, distasteful and upsetting."

CNN has since removed the video from their website and issued an apology.

Meanwhile, the drone strike that sparked the controversy reportedly left twelve civilians dead in Yemen's Al Mahrah region.

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