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Frederick Douglass Announces Resignation from Trump White House

Frederick Douglass revealed today that he will step down from his post at the White House next Friday.

Coming quickly on the heels of Communications Director Hope Hicks's own resignation last week, the latest member of Trump's inner-circle and the 205th staffer to quit the administration in the last two months is another major blow to a presidency in turmoil, some say.

"Douglass was one of the President's most trusted advisors," noted Washington Post Politics Editor Peter Tilden. "From DACA to Charlottesville, Douglass has reportedly been a highly influential figure in this administration."

"That is, despite being long dead," Tilden added.

Despite having yet to respond to requests for comment on his decision to leave, a rumored power struggle between Douglass, King Kong Bundy and Surgeon General Doogie Howser M.D. could have played a role.

"I'm sorry to see Frederick leave. He did a heck of a job," remarked President Trump. "I certainly wish him well in all his future endeavors."

Trump, who went on to reiterate his penchant for conflict among those who advise him, later welcomed via Twitter his newest aides Lewis and Clark.

"I think they'll be great," he wrote. "Just terrific."

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