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Deep State Impregnates White Teenager with Black Baby

The deep state has gone to a disturbing new level according to one Missouri family who claims the shadowy group impregnated their 16 year-old daughter with a black baby.

"I knew it the second that baby came out. The deep state f****d us," the child's grandfather Kevin Ryder of Clarksville said. "I guess this is what you get for speaking out these days."

Ryder, a self-described patriot who isn't shy about backing up his conservative views online with a vitriol he knows "rubs the snowflakes the wrong way", says that he is 100% certain the deep state inseminated his daughter with African American semen.

"I'm an outspoken supporter of President Trump and my daughter has never had sex before, let alone with a black guy, so you do the math," he argued.

Ryder's daughter Bethany backed up her father.

"I've never had sex," she said.

Meanwhile, speculating that, "It was probably the post where I called out Chelsea Clinton for her part in Seth Rich's death by drugging him with tainted sex lubricant," Ryder warned others sharing his beliefs of what could happen to them.

"There's no freedom of speech anymore. Our liberties have been stripped away. Unless you're black or communist or at least half gay, trying to exercise your Constitutional rights in this country is going to fill your study with black babies just like mine," he claimed.

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