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Giuliani Acknowledges NDA Between Trump, Corgi

Seeking to "stem the flow of rumor and innuendo", Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani acknowledged the existence of a non-disclosure agreement between the President and Barkie the dog, a Corgi who Trump reportedly spent part of an afternoon with during the run-up to the 2016 election.

Calling the latest storm taking aim on the White House, "A tempest in a teacup," Giuliani was quick to dismiss the need to even batten the hatches.

"First of all, everyone who knows Barkie knows that she's a liar, which is why this (non-disclosure) agreement was an unfortunate necessity to begin with," he stated. "Secondly, though the President does acknowledge that his very brief encounter with Barkie might have involved some heavy petting, it occurred during a period of high stress surrounding his election campaign."

Later, Giuliani went on to question the societal mores that vilify intimate relations between man and animal.

"Honestly, it seems a little old-fashioned," he said. "If both parties are consenting, I don't really see what the problem is."

Meanwhile, perhaps not surprisingly, Giuliani's sentiments have since been widely echoed by members of Trump's base.

"Yeah, who cares? I f*** my dog all the time," one man remarked.

As of press time, Barkie, who has been reported to have received 50,000 Snacky Treats for her silence, continues not to comment.

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