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Cleveland Kidnap Victims Apply for Welfare

CLEVELAND, OH - Less than two weeks after gaining their freedom, each of the three women liberated from the house of suspected kidnapper Ariel Castro have reportedly applied to receive welfare.

According to sources, Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Georgina Dejesus have all applied for some form of public aid since their release, causing sympathy for the three to wane amongst some.

"It's too bad what happened to these young ladies, but should the American taxpayer be held financially liable for everybody who's ever been kidnapped in this country? That's not fair," remarked David Shepherd of NewsMax.

"Berry had a job at Burger King. What happened to that?" Shepherd queried.

Fox News Contributor David Austin dismissed the argument that the emotional trauma sustained by the women might render them incapable of working for the foreseeable future.

"That's baloney. I don't believe that. Maybe some mornings I wake up with a hangover and don't feel like coming in to work, but here I am. It's called being a responsible adult," said Austin, who added, "Oh waah, I got kidnapped."

"It does seem these girls came out of that house looking for a hand out, not a hand up," Austin quipped.

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