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Study: Thousands of Fat, Jealous Bitches Still Angry Over Casey Anthony Case

A recently conducted study shows that hundreds of thousands of Americans are still 'extremely angry' over the recent acquittal of Casey Anthony.
Deeper analysis of the demographic characteristics of survey respondents revealed that the majority of those who reported to be most indignant over the trial's outcome were stay-at-home mothers between the ages of 30 and 50, strongly suggesting that they're just jealous.  
The survey also showed that most of these women are fat, and probably bitches.
"It certainly stands to reason that the subconscious of any person reduced to watching Nancy Grace all day would only wish they could get away with killing their kids," remarked psychologist Dr. Jillian Krantz.   

Alex Milner, a sociologist who authored "When Mothers Attack", postulates that certain aspects of Casey Anthony's character make her story that much more antagonizing to the common hausfraus.  
"Casey Anthony is a beautiful, independent young woman – a reality that is completely at odds with these peoples' lives.  These women have cellulite, bags under their eyes, and little more than laundry and leftovers to look forward to until they're dead," Milner said.
Added Milner, reinforcing his point: "An unattractive black woman microwaved her baby like a Christmas ham last week and you didn't see anybody give a shit."

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