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People Vote Captain America CNN's Hero of the Year

Captain America has been voted the CNN People's Hero of the Year, easily beating out several actual people.

Capturing 62% of the vote, the revered defender of justice and democracy easily bested his competition - including this year's Editor's Pick Richard Nares, who established a foundation dedicated to providing under-privileged cancer patients transportation to their chemotherapy appointments.

"Captain America's strength, endurance, agility, quickness and durability are at the zenith of natural human potential," remarked one supporter, "He is a master of multiple martial arts, is an expert tactician, and despite not possessing super-hero powers is one of the few mortal beings who has been deemed worthy to wield Thor's hammer Mjolnir."

Born to fictional Irish immigrants in New York City, Captain America has put his extraordinary physical and mental attributes to good use - vanquishing sinister plots of Nazis, domestic and international terrorists, communists and technocratic fascists for over seven decades.

Commented another CNN voter: "I was leaning towards voting for the guy who opened a bunch of free medical clinics in Cameroon, but in the end had to give Captain America the nod for his management of the Phoenix Force situation and bringing Cyclops to justice."

Most recently, Captain America has assembled the Avengers Unity Squad, a new team of heroes dedicated to fighting for good and preserving the American way.

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