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Black Mannequin Beaten, Shot by Police

A black mannequin was severely beaten and later shot by police in Felton, Ohio after being set outside as part of a sidewalk display Thursday.

The mannequin, which bears the likeness of a six foot tall black man and was designed for the purpose of exhibiting clothing, suffered a broken head and two fractured arms at the hands of the enraged officer.

Though later impounded by the police as evidence, video captured by the store's security camera reportedly shows the officer shouting at the mannequin for several seconds before punching it in the face and clubbing it over a dozen times with his nightstick.

"The subject repeatedly failed to obey an officer's commands after being observed loitering in a high crime area and was subsequently subdued in conformance with proper police procedure," the Felton Police Department stated in a written response to inquiries on the matter.

James Hurley, the mannequin's owner, strongly disagreed.

"That's bull----. That cop beat my dummy for no good god damn reason other than he's black," he remarked. "Tell me I'd be spending half my morning with the super glue if my mannequin was white."

Tragically, after being repaired and put back out on the street, the same mannequin was shot 23 times this afternoon when cops mistook the prop cell phone in its hand for a firearm.

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