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Trump Wants Big Gay Parade

President Trump called on the Pentagon to organize a parade in Washington DC later this year.

"I want this parade to be the biggest ever. The biggest, most fabulous," the President said.

A military-themed celebration, Trump's parade sounds extremely gay.

"Thousands of strapping young men marching up and down Pennsylvania Avenue all bossy and stiff in their freshly pressed uniforms? Sign me up," one homosexual man remarked.

"Not to mention all the tanks and fighter planes," added the man. "Oh, and the Jeeps! I love Jeeps. And Humvees. Oh, my God."

In addition to tanks, fighter planes, jeeps, humvees and thousands of handsome soldiers, the parade will reportedly also feature a wide array of missiles.

"Oh, fuck yeah, missiles. I fucking love missiles. Give me a Harpoon missile to straddle and I'll rub its warhead until it shoots its payload," another gay man remarked.

Trump's parade is tentatively slated for Veterans Day, possibly the gayest day of the year.

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