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CNN Orders Second Jodi Arias Trial

CNN has ordered a second Jodi Arias trial, the news network announced today.

The first trial, which captivated millions of viewers with raunchy sex calls, rape fantasies and lurid details of anal and oral sex that led up to the brutal slaying of Arias's boyfriend, ended May 8th with the 32 year-old woman being found guilty of first degree murder for her role in the death of Travis Alexander.

TruTV's Simon Cruz, who counted "Topsy Truthy" and "I See London...", which featured footage of Arias doing handstands in a police interrogation room and testimony by Arias that Alexander secretly masturbated to pictures of young boys in their underwear as his favorite episodes from the first trial, called the renewal a "no-brainer".

"People couldn't get enough of the case, the production costs were just over a million dollars, and those were paid by the people of Arizona," Cruz said, "The only reason I could imagine there not being a second trial would be the existence of federal and state laws prohibiting it." Cruz remarked.

Calling a second Jodi Arias trial "A must", CNN's Nancy Grace made a few predictions about the sequel.

"I expect all the main players will be back – Judge Stephens, Detective Flores, Hank the Bailiff, and of course Prosecutor Juan Martinez, who Arias had such amazing synergy with," said Grace.

"Buckle up folks, because the sex, violence and intrigue is just beginning," Grace added, "And it's really, really sad and horrible, of course."

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