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Noted Death Threats Author Draws Hundreds to Trump Presidential Library

The future Trump Presidential Library in West Palm Beach drew a large crowd for an appearance by Lib_Crusher, an online activist known for his prolific authorship of death threats against liberal leaning politicians, judges and celebrities.

Management of the library, located in a former Crown Books next door to a Sbarro in the Lakefront Plaza Mall, handled the mob in characteristic fashion, allowing them to assemble with little to no organization while leading in the chanting of several violent slogans.

"We were going to use some of the boxes of Presidential documents that the FBI left behind to make one of those snakey-line-maze thingies, but there weren't enough. Also, the ones we did put out disappeared," a Library representative named Chad remarked.

Lasting several hours, fans enjoyed the opportunity to meet Lib_Crusher and trash what is left of the mall.

"I got Lib_Crusher to sign a copy of the chat room where he threatened to kill Dojo Cat, and another where he told that Chick-fil-A guy how he was going to (murder him through forced oral copulation) for supporting gay rights," one man said. "Oh, and then I took s*** in World Market."

As of press time, the shopping center is currently on fire.

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