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Jason Aldean Looks to Hit MAGA Iron While Hot with Terrible New Album

One week after a video for "Try That in a Small Town" that uses stock footage to depict police brutality protestors as violent criminals propelled the lackluster song to the top of the charts, Jason Aldean is looking to harness his momentum with a full-length album of similar cultural-war-themed anthems.

Recorded and produced in an astonishing 5 days, the new LP is already climbing the Billboard 100 with such tracks as "Go Back to Where You Came From" and "Momma Didn't Raise no Trannie" despite being universally panned by critics and consumers alike.

"An entirely unappealing mix of insipid country-pop infused with derivative glam-rock guitars, Aldean's music is forgettable at best. He has however harnessed with his lyrics and song titles the prevailing winds of jingoism to make both a name and likely a tidy sum for himself," a review for the album in Spin read.

"Yeah, the music's not that great, but I just buy it for because like how he puts the snowflakes in their place, you know? He's all, like, quit your bitchin’ and get a job," one fan remarked.

Meanwhile, similar to his response to the backlash he received after the release of 'Small Town', Aldean has attempted to disclaim the racist message in songs like "Hang 'Em High" and his new single "Hitler was Right".

"Actually, 'Hang Em High' is a Christmas song. It's about hanging ornaments on the tree," Aldean claimed. "And my high school guidance counselor's last name was Hitler. A real smart guy. Dennis Hitler."

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